Most of the exciting, interesting and important advances in reproductive medicine in last decade have started in the lab. While Assisted Reproductive Technology procedures are becoming more effective they have also become more laboratories intensive. Glance through our state of the art laboratory, which is spacious and spread over 350 sq feet.

Our lab is equipped with the state of the art facilities :

KSystem L 126

Extreme care is taken while handling the oocytes and embryos using one of the best workstations with integrated heating, anti vibration table and humidified gas system .This workstation facilitates safe handling of the oocytes and embryos under aseptic conditions. Stereomicroscope is used for scanning the oocytes/embryos and the inverted microscope for performing ICSI is kept here.
The Anti-Vibration Table eliminates vibrations from reaching the microscope .The integrated heating system provides uniform & accurate temperature while handling eggs & embryos.

Incubator G185

This multicompartment incubator provides separate chambers for each couple's embryos. This provides additional security with minimal fluctuation inside. Highly accurate temperature & CO2 control provide optimal culture conditions.
Extensive data logging and alarm system in the unit protects the embryos continuously during the culture period.

Andrology Laboratory

Routine semen analysis, sperm preparations for IUI, Sperm survival tests are performed at our andrology laboratory which is separate, and as per the ICMR guidelines. This lab is equipped with flow hood, centrifuge & Zeiss phase contrast microscope.

Paperless Clinic

The treatment cycles management is paperless and runs on our software- developed in-house which offers complete documentation and transparency. The comprehensive database allows us to analyze our results and fine-tune the protocols to suit individual patients.

ICSI Work station

The micromanipulator is equipped with heating glass stage to avoid temperature fluctuation during ICSI procedure.


Assisted hatching is done with precision laser system controlled by advance software.

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