1. What is IUI?
IUI means intra uterine insemination, which simply means injecting the husband's sperms into the uterus by means of a soft plastic tube at the time of ovulation. The husband's semen is processed in the laboratory and the motile sperms are concentrated, which are then injected into the uterus.

2. What is the process?
You will be given oral or injectable medications to grow more than one follicle (a follicle is the structure which contains the egg,).Growth of the follicle is monitored by vaginal sonography for its growth during the course of injections, commonly called follicle study .When the follicle reaches the optimal size, hcg injection is given to start the process of ovulation. Husband's semen is processed to concentrate the motile sperms in a small volume. These are injected into the uterus around the time of ovulation using a soft plastic tube (catheter)

3. Which day would be my IUI?
IUI is done around ovulation time which is about 38-40 hours after hcg injection.

4. Should my husband undergo tests before IUI?
Yes, detailed semen analysis, and also test for hiv, hcv and hbsag need to be done before the procedure.

5. Is my husband required on the day of IUI?
Yes, husband would be asked to produce a semen sample, this sample has to be produced in the premises of the clinic. Sample collected at home will not be accepted in the lab.

6. Is the procedure painful?
No, IUI process does not involve any pain, as the catheter used is very soft and thin. You may experience slight discomfort similar to your trans vaginal usg or a mild cramping sensation.

7. Can I go to office or do my regular routine after IUI?
You can resume your normal duties immediately after iui. There is no need of bed rest after iui.

8. When will I get to know if I am pregnant?
If you are not pregnant you will get your periods within 15 days after IUI. If the periods are delayed then a urine pregnancy test should be done for confirmation of pregnancy.
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